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Next try for a new post... I found this mix on one of this million music blogs two weeks ago. Today I looked into my music download directory and listened to the mp3s in it. This is the one of the latest downloaded I like most...

happy new year!

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hope everybody had a good start/ or better: made a good end of 2008. I just listend to an old kit clayton record and think this one will fit for tonight because it's upbeat and as easy.. like my head.

love is...

today is your lucky day. you won't die without having heard my fav at least once. when dieter, a friend of mine, played that tune the first time i had big tears in my eyes. i know i know thinks like this are hard to tell for us guys...

petty booka

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two cute japanese girls. ukulele. countrymusic. they are singing "material girl". do i have to say more? happy birthday, madonna. omfg!

sommerfrische still over

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OK. We are back from our long long days off. I believe our german friends would call it "sommerfrische". But now it's time to move again, yes for me, the girl ...and also pete's little white ass has to move...

bitchee ya

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so last nite slicky, the girl and me r sitting at the bulls and bubbling about what's on and off. decided our blog needs more love which means summer break is over! today it's raining all the time and i'm sitting reading and listening to music. right now i'm feeling a bit seksi so i'm bringing up one of the most tasty tracks of last winter. it's called fuck friend by a mysterious duo called bitchee bitchee ya ya ya. some remixes i could even hear at the radio, but my very very fav is still the yuksek + brodinski remix.

Digitalism in Cairo

pic: Slick Jurgen

I'm back again in the big city. I traveled some weeks in Russia and went to the Peoples Republic of China (also called China Mainland) to stay in Beijing for another week, and - I didn't listen to any music in the last three weeks, except some eighties stuff in a bad breakfast restaurant...
So when I came back, I was really curious about what's hot and what's going on - but the world doesn't move so much in three weeks, I guess...